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Control System Main Actions

Processes mapping:

  • As perceived by the customer

  • With functional links

  • And indicator positioning

Process Formalisation

Under process performances:

  • Within their ability to deliver the "compliant products"

  • Within the resource consumption to deliver the "compliant product"


Performance Indicators

Visibility of Indicators to Measure the Process Performance

  • Determination of need

  • Reliability of cdes vs. need

  • Supplier securing plan

  • Supplier's performance

  • Preventive reminders

Supply Management

  • Impact of the development process on the announced availability

  • Landmark notion

  • Control of the products' life curve 

  • Volumetric ratios per family.

Development of

new products

  • Bases of deadline promises 

  • Information procurement deadlines

  • Observe deadlines

  • Impacts of the operational relevance on information given to customers.

Client Service

  • Defining the Customer Promise

  • Special monitoring of key customers

  • CDE entrance control

  • Forecast groups criteria

  • Reliability of sales forecasts


Sales Forecast

  • PIC- PDP process 

  • Capacity management

  • Securingf Material and equipment supply 

  • Short-term disposition rules 

Factory Planning

  • Goods delivery timeframe
  • Preparation methods
  • Standard preparation duration
  • Preparation quality
  • Preparation cost
  • Picking settlement

Warehouses Management

Service Quality Securing Plan

Securing the service as perceived by the customer during scheduled change phases.


Experience tends to show that this application has no fixed limit, and that this scheme aims at profitably bringing under control the client service components.